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It’s been awhile. I know. September to be exact. SEPTEMBER! Right around the time my then 9 month old decided he needed to start walking. He started walking, and I stopped blogging. If you are a mom, you know why.

I would love to write a string of blogs talking all about the last 5 months, but that will have to wait for a less busy time in my life, a different season. (I will, however, HAVE to post a current picture of my almost 13 month old TODDLER!) Today’s post is to share with you a recent sermon my husband preached at our church Redeemer.


The name of the sermon is “Evangelism: God’s Sovereignty and Man’s Responsibility” from January 27, 2013. The sermon is taken from a sermon series that is line by line and verse by verse through the book of Acts, and this specific sermon is from Acts 18:1-17.

Obviously I don’t post all of my husband’s sermons on my blog, but I really wanted to make sure that anyone who wanted to have access to this specific one could. Recently I’ve had quite an influx of people asking me what Redeemer believes about this topic. I’m really grateful when people ask what we believe about certain things, because rumors have that amazing ability to get things really wrong. Here it is for anyone interested in this topic from “the horse’s mouth”, I guess you could say!

“Evangelism: God’s Sovereignty and Man’s Responsibility” by Pastor David Ritchie preached January 27, 2013

I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below! Hope all of you are well!

Solomon at 13 months!

Solomon at 13 months!


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Many of you have been wondering what is next for me and David. We have been in the process of praying and discerning what exactly this new work God was calling us to was supposed to look like. We finally feel like we have clarity on what that next thing is!

The story is on my husband’s new blog! Please check it out by clicking the link below!


Thank you for all the prayers and support!!



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Our Big Change: A Wife’s Perspective

David and I have been maneuvering through what is, quite frankly, the biggest transition of our lives up to this point. I’m well acquainted with change. We are practically on a first name basis. David and I had been sensing a season of change on our horizon for some time, and honestly until a month ago we didn’t know what that change would look like or when it would happen. Change is here, and everything about our lives will be different from now on.

I’ve wanted to write about it, talk it out, and share my heart. But things have been moving quicker than I could even process. I’m sure this won’t be the last blog about this massive transition for us, but I would like to say that it is the first.

Our Transition…

Something happened when “the two became one” in our world. With the collision of our lives that happened with marriage, came the collision of our callings in this life. We knew before we were married that we were called to be in ministry. And it wasn’t long after we were married that we both felt deep in our hearts that we would be a part of starting a new church one day.

It took a while to come up in conversation, but when it did it was awesome. At that time we decided to put our feelings and future to prayer and rest. We’ve earnestly prayed, but we also felt the need to rest in the present. We love our church of over 20 years, and we love the young adult’s ministry of North. We didn’t feel a need to press the future until God opened that door in our hearts.

David has been faithfully serving as the minister of North for four years and has been on staff at our church for the last seven years. We love everything about what we do and where we are. This was why, when our hearts began to sense change early in 2011, we were surprised.

The Process…

When David and I began the process of starting a family, we truly believed that our vision for our future was….well, in the distant, distant future. But almost simultaneous to the time we found out we were pregnant, we felt from God that change would be birthed around the same time as our child. Strange, yes. Not really ideal, I must admit, but we began to be convinced of this.

Doing what God asks you to do always costs something. Let’s face it, the things that matter in life always cost the most. Moving forward with what God had put in our hearts cost us the comfort and security of our church and job and financial provision. We had to be honest about what we were feeling and even the motives of our hearts.

As we moved into spring and summer, we took a step of faith and shared with our leadership at the church the direction God was leading our future. They were so gracious to lead us and pray for us. And in August, they decided to release us to do the work that God was asking of us in October.

Change Isn’t Always Bad…

I can’t tell you how unbelievably relieved I was to have the blessing of those in authority in our life. I had never prayed so much about something in my life. I feel privileged to have been led by such amazing leaders and been a part of such an amazing church, and my heart is always to honor them in every way.

This change is a wonderful (Scary, yes. Faith-filled, yes.), but change almost always hurts. It hurts to leave, and it hurts to let go. It’s hard to say goodbye to a wonderful ministry and church, even if its not to physically move away. There is always the opportunity for misinterpretation and misunderstanding during change, and I am so thankful for a church that has been so supportive. Our church has even given us provision through the end of this year.

Our Hearts…

So, as we begin this new adventure, we offer our lives to God. We want to see him glorified through how we live, our marriage, our family, and our future. We want to be a part of His mission on this earth. We want to preach and display the Gospel with our words, actions, and thankfulness.

We want to see families and churches be born, raised up, and called to that same mission, in the same way that our church has been a place to be raised and called. We feel a call to “go” into our city and be a part of founding a church that will found new churches and revitalize old ones.

We want to build up and strengthen the body of Christ. We want to take what God has formed in our hearts in the last season of our lives outside of our current four walls. We want to bring a passion for Jesus and the Gospel to a city saturated with religious knowledge. This is our heart.

What’s Next For Us…

Last night our last night at North. Yesterday was David’s last day on staff at Trinity Fellowship Church.The ministry will continue, but not with us. We will move forward with the vision that God has put in our hearts for a new thing in the city of Amarillo.

Stay tuned for more updates as we know more about what is coming.

Thank you for the outpouring of prayer and support!

KR 🙂

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As most of you know from a few weeks ago at North, David and I are moving on to the next thing God has for us. Our last North and David’s last day on staff at Trinity Fellowship Church is this Tuesday, October 11,2011.

Change is always difficult, but we are so excited for this new season in our lives and to fulfill this call that we have from the Lord.

I realize for many of you, your weekly contact with us may be this blog or maybe you missed North a few weeks ago. Below is a link to a video from the night. Please take the time to hear our hearts!


I love you guys and appreciate your prayers so much!
KR 🙂


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Hey ladies!

I get lots of questions from all the single ladies out there about how to be single.I love answering questions and talking about the topics of femininity, gender, singleness, romance, and marriage. And I specifically have a heart for women who are in the single season. I just wanted to post a podcast teaching that I did back in 2009 called “God’s Guide to Singleness.” I still get lots of feedback from this teaching, and if you have any questions or comments on it please leave them in the comments below.

I hope you are encouraged today.

God’s Guide To Singleness by Kate Ritchie
(If you would like to download this it’s available on Itunes. Search “North Podcast” and scroll all the way down to this teaching, which is a part of “The Hook Up”)

Also, here is me and David answering questions that were texted in during our talks on singleness.

Q & A: Singleness by David and Kate Ritchie

Ok, guys, I don’t want to leave you out! Here’s the guys’ session on singleness too!

God’s Guide To Singleness for the Men by David Ritchie

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Lately I’ve been, busy at best. Busy seasons are always really hard for me. They are hard because I’m a first-born, goal-oriented, achieving person. They are hard because I love to spend quality time communicating with people I love. They are hard because I am what I like to call a “patient” person and what my husband has named “Doopy.” I love to stop and smell the roses, and I love to accomplish my list.

Get the picture yet? I thrive on everything except busy.

But don’t worry friends! I am about to share with you some golden advice!

10 Ways To Stay Sane When You Are Busy:

1. Take notes.

Your poor little short term memory bank can only hold so much. And when it’s brinking on full, you need to write things down. It will save you time and stress later.

2. Make lists.

I love lists! They make me feel accomplished and keep me on task.

3. Don’t put anything on the list that you can do in 2 minutes or under.

These are the things you need to do NOW. This is rule by Michael Hyatt. Don’t procrastinate or wonder “Where do I start?”. Start with those things right away.

4. Do the same things, at the same times, on the same days, on the same month.

This is a time management tip my husband taught me when we got married, and it changed my life. Being a “Doopy”, I love to be free to do what comes to my mind with all my energy, creativity, and passion. But the weakness of my free spirit is many unfinished projects. I would start the laundry, do the dishes, and burn dinner all at once. And be very, very overwhelmed.

Get a weekly planner.
Fill in everything that is fixed.
Now add in your fixed responsibilities (for me: blogging, laundry, cleaning, days i cook, my community group…etc.) in blocked times.
Leave wiggle room.
Block of times for even recreational things. (like working out, coffee with younger women, family time, phone calls).
Fill in all your weeks to look the same.
DO NOT, budge your schedule. (if you coffees fill up, start on the following week.)
Make exceptions only when necessary, but be prepared to take something else out.

This keeps you from the frustration of always feeling like you are doing laundry, running errands…etc. It also creates times for your relationships that matter.

5. Prioritize.

Figure out what your roles are in life and place them in the order of importance. Here are mine:
-Daughter of God
Now make sure that your time spent is relative to the importance of your role.

6. Drop the urgent to tend to the important.

This is another David Ritchie quote. I love him! Sometimes when you are busy, balls need to drop. And you need to be OK with that. Drop the ball on the urgent, blaring things in your life to give attention to the things that are the most important.

7. Podcast, Music, and Text messages.

These are all things I love that I can do on the go. They keep me connected, happy, and communicating with people I love.

8. Reward yourself.

Think of a creative way to reward yourself after you’ve accomplished a lot. I love to go outside and take a short walk for 20 minutes. I feel refreshed and ready to go again.

9. Ride the wave.

When are you the most productive? When are you worthless even when you are working hard? Now ride the wave. I’m most productive in the mornings. I get the most done during the day between 6am-11am. I try accomplish the most then. I’m worthless after 8pm. I’m good to hang out and have fun, but not very productive. So I schedule my life accordingly.

10. Get fuel.

Don’t run on empty in life. Spend time talking with God. Don’t journal to Him in the same place you are working or writing your list. In fact, leave your list in the other room. Don’t even pray about it, if you can help it. Just give Him your heart, your day, your life, and your joy. You will feel a whole lot better all day long!

What are some of your busy tips??

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When David and I got married (3 years ago), we made a unique decision for two 24 year olds, we decided to not to purchase a television for one year. Because we developed our relationship long distance, we had a very strong communication bond. And honestly, our communication felt so sacred and special we didn’t want it to change it at all.

Three years later, we still don’t have a TV, and we love it! Now we aren’t religious nuts who think television is evil. We do watch TV. We just don’t own a TV. We watch tivo-ed programs at David’s parents once a week (like my Buckeyes football). We also rent seasons of different TV shows and watch them on our laptop. We aren’t legalists about it, but we have found our lives more enjoyable without it.

5 Reasons to throw away your TV.

1. Other media is less time consuming and more mentally stimulating.
It has been proven that your brain isn’t very stimulated while watching television. Check out reading the news, articles, books, and blogs. We listen to a lot of radio and music in our home. We also listen to a lot of podcasts and sermons. We stay informed, just in other ways than television.

2. Consumerism is easier to fight.
Television feeds consumerism in our culture. It makes us want things. It tells our hearts what to desire. It tells us how to spend our money. It tells us what kind of relationships, sex, appearance, success…etc. that we should desire out of our lives. As Christians we all fight the fight to desire the right things, but for us not having a TV helps.

3. You are more unique.
When I used to watch TV, I spent a lot of time watching things that I didn’t really care about. Maybe there were some things I found interesting or entertaining, but there was a lot of time where I watched things that were popular, out of boredom, or things I didn’t really care about. Without the distraction of TV, I’ve found myself able to focus my life more on things that I do care about. This focus makes me more unique or maybe just more like the person I really am.

4. You get control back.
Sometimes TV can be easy, entertaining, and restful. Because of those qualities, it can begin to hijack your rest. I truly believe one of the most important decisions you make every day is what you go to when you feel stressed, hurt, or in need of rest. These are very vulnerable moments in our lives each day, but it is also the opportunities we have each day to experience true joy. It’s important that God, real relationships, and quality moments fill the times in your day where you are stressed, hurt, or tired.

5. Quality and quantity.
Not having a TV enables you to have quality time and conversation in great quantity. For our busy lives it makes it worth it for us.

So maybe you aren’t ready to throw away your TV, and believe me that’s totally Ok! Maybe some day we will decide it’s a right time for us to get one. Even if you aren’t ready to give it up, take some time and evaluate what place TV has in your life.

Also, I’d love to know what your favorite TV show is and why?!

Here’s mine:
Favorite Show: Chuck, 30 Rock (Because they are HILARIOUS)

Favorite Channel: National Geographic Channel

The show I hate to admit I like: 16 and Pregnant

What I refuse to miss: Olympics, Buckeye Football

Reality TV show: Once Every Minute

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