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One of the hardest things about being a Christian is staying focused and centered on Jesus every day. Tell me I’m not the only one! In my life, it feels like just about everything stands in the way… Schedule, busyness, baby, stress, daily chores, baby, being tired, even my own sense of expectation. Without conscious effort, I have found that my life drifts towards being segmented into work, rest, play, family, personal, with some left over time for Jesus if He stays in his designated time slot.

Before I had Solomon, it was easy to sit down and read my Bible and pray whenever I made time. Now things aren’t quite that simple. Now I have to choose to give the One I love the best of me, often times when it isn’t convenient. This has as simultaneously showed me how much I had separated him from the other areas of my life and how impossible that was going to be with the constant interruptions of a little one.

I’ve been faced with a choice. Worship Jesus when and if it was ever convenient to do so, or integrate him into everything in my life more. Because I love him, the choice was a no-brainer! I’ve done this by developing “rhythms” of life. These are things, habits, that stir my heart to worship and remind me where my life should be centered.

What are the rhythms and habits in your life every day?

What do those promote your heart to worship?

Kate’s Daily Worship Rhythms:

1. Family Worship

Every day David, Solomon, and I have family worship. For us the best time for us to do that is in the morning before David leaves for work while I’m feeding Solomon breakfast. This practically looks like me caring for Solomon while David leads us by reading out loud a prayer from “The Book of Common Prayer” , reading a Proverb, reading a Psalm, and reading a passage from the Old and New Testaments. This begins our day in unity and focus in the same direction, worship to our Savior.

Family Worship can look however you want it too. I highly recommend this one! It’s a good rhythm for worship, marriage, and family relationship strengthener!

2. Prayer Out Loud in the Car

This is something I started doing because it’s something I observed my husband doing this. Car rides were times when I typically wasted a lot of time just listening to the radio or worrying about things. It’s the perfect opportunity to pray, and praying out loud keeps me focused and Solomon has to listen too!

3. Worship Music, Bible on Audio, and Podcasts

I spend a lot of time at home caring for our house and Solomon. What I found was that if I left my mind to itself, I was prone to worry and mediate on fears. My solution has been fill my house and mind with worship, scripture, and sermons. This doesn’t mean that I listen 24/7, but I do try to listen to glorifying “voices” more than not. I’ve found myself to be way more peaceful and centered on Christ.

4. Turn My Fears to Prayers

This was another simple solution for me. Any time I chose to reflect, dwell on, worship with my thoughts fears, cares, and worries I was choosing to unite myself with something other than Christ, his reality, his goodness, and his power. One important rhythm of my life is to turn those anxieties into prayers of trust to Jesus. I’m not talking about name-it-claim-it-all-up-to-my-faith theology. I’m talking about simple trust in Christ instead of trust in self.

My thought: “I wonder what this rash is on Solomon’s leg? It’s probably something bad. I’m probably a bad mom. He’s probably sick…initiate downward woman spiral…”
Prayer intervention: “KATE STOP! Jesus, please give me wisdom in parenting and heal my little son’s leg.”

My thought: “I don’t like this shirt. I hate the way I look today. I can’t believe I can’t pull myself together today…initiate downward woman spiral…”
Prayer intervention: “KATE STOP! Jesus, thank you for your provision in my life. Thank you that you’ve created me just the way I am. Help me to be thankful and honored to be your daughter. Please help me to see the value in why you’ve given me a body in the first place, to honor you and to be a giver of life.”

5. Take in Moments with Thankfulness

When we lose sight of our worship, we miss moments. The beautiful thing about our Creator is that He has left his signature all over our lives, relationships, and this world. Soak in moments and recognize that they are from them. When you’ve recognized a moment from him, thank him for it and tell someone the testimony that moment is to you of God’s care for you. It’s good to speak of Him. It’s good for others to hear it. And the more you see His signature, the more frequently and the less hard it will be to see it again.

Hope this helps you think about your rhythms! Have a great day!


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