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In the last 6 weeks we have been gone more than we have been home. I guess that makes Solomon a world traveler. And it makes me a world packer. Ha! Seriously, anyone who has ever traveled with an infant knows that you have to fit the whole world into your carry-on item alone!


Here are some traveling tips from my suitcase to yours:

1. Get your baby’s birth certificate. Have it handy.


2. If you are checking a car seat, keep the car seat attached to the base. This way it counts for one checked item! This is nice especially if you are using an airline that charges for checked luggage.


3. Want to get more bang for your buck? Place a small bag of items that you DO NOT need for traveling (i.e. your baby’s clothing, extra diapers, toys , etc.) in the car seat that’s strapped to you base (like where the baby would be if it was in the car.) ! This helps you get 3 items checked into 1. The airlines will place the whole she-bang in a plastic bag, so you win!


4. Most airlines allow your lap child to have 2 carry-on items. I have two words for you: UMBRELLA STROLLER. This is counted as a carry-on, but you must check it at your gate as an over-sized carry-on. Solomon loves his umbrella stroller. I do too. It’s handy, light, and I can use both hands to scarf gross airport food.


5. Nurse or give your little one a pacifier on the take off and landing portions of the flights. Most babies cry on flights because they can’t pop their own ears. This is the equivalent of chewing gum. It worked for us, and this mama had no drama. (It may not hurt to know your breastfeeding rights ladies. Here you go! )


Hope these tips help!!

Here’s our June in pictures!



David spoke at a youth camp in New Mexico. Solomon and I went a long!

our cabin for the week

Redeemer did baby dedications, and we dedicated Solomon to the LORD!


We attended the Acts 29 Lead Pastor’s Retreat in Newport Beach, California. It was an awesome time of reflection on the last season of our life and filling up for what is ahead.

Solomon went swimming for the first time!!

We had a quick layover in Las Vegas for a few hours where we got to see Uncle Ike. My brother is on a core team that is planting a church in Las Vegas! http://www.gracecityvegas.com

We finished out by getting some physical rest together! Some sweet friends of our’s let us stay at their home for 2 days so that we could do our yearly family prayer retreat. It was so nice of them, and so very peaceful!


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Solomon on Mexican food night!

I have been recently mourning my massive hiatus from the blogging world. Fear not friends, it has not gone without missing you. Nor has it happened because I’ve lost my zeal or passion for…well, all those things I love writing about (i.e. Jesus, femininity, my passion for certain cultural hot topics…). 


Mainly I’ve been figuring out my new life as a mom and pastor’s wife, waiting on the postpartum hormone fog to lift, and doing a little traveling along the way. This blog serves as a connection point from me to you, but it also is sort of a release valve for me. Usually I sit down pretty excited, passionate, or steamed about something and get it all out. Well, that’s not really possible with a 5 month old that is….you heard it right, ALREADY TRYING TO CRAWL and rolling where he wants to go.


So I’m beginning to write in baby steps, just a little at a time. I’m cracking open my noggin’ just a little. Not expecting perfection or that I will be able to write everything I want in longer than 40 second increments. (I have stopped 4 times writing this to tend to Solomon and taken a break to rock him into his afternoon nap…I’m not joking!)


While there are a lot of issues on my mind to write about, they will have to wait because it feels wrong to not take the time to highlight some recent events. Please allow me to catch you up to speed on some big and small moments of late.



– Saw my brother, Ike, graduate from Liberty University in Lynchburg, VA. His commencement speaker was Mitt Romney, who I listened to while stroller-pacing the place to get Solomon to sleep. Congrats to him! He’s moving to Las Vegas next week to be a part of a church plant. I couldn’t be prouder of him!



– Spent time with my beautiful sister in Ohio. I got to watch her ride her horse that she has trained herself. She is an excellent rider, and I’ve made plans to watch her ride in at the Quarter Horse Congress this October.


– Spent my first Mother’s Day with my mom. I couldn’t have asked for a better Mother’s Day gift.



– Solomon has had a lot of recent first…first plane ride, first solid foods, and for the first time he pooped on the floor in the living room. I love being a mom of a little boy!


– I’ve been amazed by my husband. He’s such a hardworking, confident, Godly man. Watching God use him to love, build, and strength our church has made me love and respect that man more than I ever imagined. I’m so proud to be his best friend. There’s no person in the world that I respect more.

– David and I were recently assessed and inducted into the Acts 29 network. It was a great process for us, and we are proud that our church is now part of such a wonderful network of churches.


-Solomon got to meet his great grandma, Deanie, for the first time!


-I was honored to speak at our church’s annual women’s luncheon. It was a blast!


-Our church has been participating in a program called Porterbrook. It’s a leadership development/practical theological training course. And it is kicking my butt and changing my life. I highly recommend it to any and all.


-Oh and did I mention how much fun being a momma is?!


Until we meet again, enjoy our family pictures taken by my brother!





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