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Solomon’s content face…or nap face, whatever.

I’ve been praying a lot about contentment lately. I…WE…spend most of our lives trying to become something. Trying to prove that our existence on this earth has meaning. Companies and advertisers have figured this out, and they make millions off of our seemingly bipolar swings between self-assured pride and overwhelming insecurity and inadequacy. We find ourselves chasing a greatness, I think most of the time to keep us from feeling the emptiness that comes from being small and insignificant.

Unfortunately we can even fall into a “Christianity” that’s fundamentally based on the same quest. We actually use God to be great (have a special “calling”, be healthy, become wealthy, and important). This self-serving mentality has caused us to become restless and discontent individuals. Why? Because we weren’t made to worship ourselves. And let’s be honest, that’s what all of this really is.

The real Gospel is something so much different. It’s a promised life of pain. It’s a daily dying of wants. It’s a posture of humility. It gives all the greatness and glory to Another, the only One who is worthy.

Being a mom as only further displayed to me how much I think about me. How much I want things my way. How freaked out I get when I lose control of my life, when I give up my own desires for another. This has made me inescapably aware of my own selfishness. Face and palm meet. Humble pie, you’re not as sweet as you sound.

God really does offers us something greater than what we think we can give ourselves. True contentment. Authentic contentment is found when we choose to dethrone ourselves, lay down our own desires, and place our affections on someone else. The only One who is worthy of that is Jesus. Not only is He the only One worthy of that kind of worship, He is the only One that can handle that kind of pressure. He will never disappoint. There’s a lot of things that promise you that you need it to be happy, so you probably need to hear this again…He will never disappoint. His love for you is greater than any love you’ve ever known. We can stop crushing ourselves and others with our own expectations and start living a life of true freedom.

True contentment comes when you stop living for you.

How am I fostering contentment in my life right now?

1. By not justifying the sins of fear, insecurity, and anxiety.

These things are sins. These sins come from a fundamental belief that God is neither good or great. If I don’t believe that God is good or great, then I believe that I am. OUCH! The problem is we know we can’t really follow through on being perfect and great, so we fall into these sins. They don’t lead to eventual peace and contentment, they steal our joy and God’s glory.

2. By ending my comparison mindset.

Comparison is a contentment stealer. Comparison is one of our many tools to achieve that self-fulfilling validation, and it’s done by stirring up hate and envy in our hearts for others. Usually it creeps in by justifying yourself against other people in an area you feel pride in or an area you are ashamed of. Yep, I’m just going to call it what it is…It’s sick, twisted, and self worship. It will only let you down, steal your contentment, make you feel worse, and leave you with hate in your heart.

3. By letting go of control.

An obsession with control comes from simply feeling out of control. I personally love to control the way I’m perceived by others. I love to control my life. I like to do things my way. The problem with this is control leads to unhealth. Whatever area is being controlled in your life becomes too great to you. It becomes an area that no one else can touch, not even God. What we are saying is, “This is mine.” It becomes an area of self-worship, and it is the most important area to give Jesus because it is the area that will eventually turn your heart away from Him.

4. Redirect worship

Sometimes its good to simply remember why you needed a Savior. When I’m discontent and striving my way through life, I never make the conscious decision to worship myself. I just lose my joy and peace. I stop becoming thankful. Pretty soon I feel depressed with all my efforts and the empty feeling of either having or not having everything I want. This is a problem of misplaced worship. Our rebellious hearts naturally move towards self-worship. Do the hard effort of keeping your eyes and heart fixed on Jesus.

5. Preach the Gospel.

Every day, preach the Gospel to yourself. Meditate on the Gospel. Center your life around the Gospel. Don’t trust your desires and thoughts, remember that they are prone to wander. Our hearts are so sinful that even the good things we do for the wrong reasons. But God offers us grace and unconditional love and placed the punishment of our self-worship on His Son. He did it to make us whole. He is the reason for our lives. In Him there is no need to prove anything, no need to strive, no need to control, not even a need to fear, He is our contentment.

Solomon’s ornery face. (6 months 3 weeks)


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